MH Campus and GDP Single Sign-on Now Available!

MH Campus and GDP Online Integration is LIVE!

What does this mean for you?

Get to your GDP course with one click from inside your LMS!

McGraw-Hill is proud to announce the availability of GDP single sign-on access from within any learning management system through McGraw-Hill Campus digital content integration.

What does this mean for you?
No more juggling multiple logins and passwords OR multiple websites to manage your course content.

What else do you get with McGraw-Hill Campus integration?
McGraw-Hill Campus is an institutional service that provides easy access to all McGraw-Hill digital content and resources. This includes:
• eBooks

• SimNet


• Connect


• Unlimited instructional resources

Ready to get started?
Great! Contact your McGraw-Hill sales rep today! Visit,u4sr,1c5j,h1r0,d58o,9eo8,2nsc for more information.
Already have MH Campus installed? Click here instructors,u4sr,1c5j,g3oa,isb6,9eo8,2nsc or,u4sr,1c5j,f2ax,hxoh,9eo8,2nsc students to obtain specific instructions on pairing SimNet Online with MH Campus Integration.

MH Campus: Discover what’s possible!