NEW! Courtesy Access for trial students

GDP will begin supporting Courtesy Access for all students on Friday, June 16th. Courtesy Access allows students to use GDP for a limited period of time when they are waiting for financial aid or other registration card delays.

To activate Courtesy Access, Administrators must go to the Details tab of the Admin Settings section. Click the check box to Allow Courtesy Access Self-Registration. You can set a time between 0 and 14 days for students to access GDP. Click Save Change to save any changes to Courtesy Access.

When a student self-registers for GDP they can select the option to activate Courtesy Access instead of entering a registration code.

When an unregistered student logs in to GDP for the first time they will now have the option to select Start Courtesy Access to use GDP while they are waiting for their code.

Once they log in students will get a clear indication of when their Courtesy Access will expire.

Within the Course Manager, Courtesy Access students will display a blue triangle next to their name to indicate that they are using Courtesy Access.

To enter their access code while Courtesy Access is active they should click on the My GDP tab once they have logged in and then click the My Info link on the left hand navigation. Next to the Account Type line there will be an Upgrade button. Once they click Upgrade they will be able to enter their code.


If a student uses all of the time on their Courtesy Access, they will see the following screen when they log in, prompting them to purchase a full code. They will not be able to access their data in GDP until they purchase a code.